Frequently asked questions

Where and how can you order?

Kindly use the search of our international partners to check if there is a Swisseye partner who can support you.

Which replacement parts are available?

Available replacement parts
We have different replacement parts for the current products /collection (nose pads, nose bridge etc.). Kindly contact your retailer who will be pleased to place the order for you.

What are your delivery times?

Delivery times
Most of our products are always on stock and delivery time will depend on the distance. It may take several days to reach European countries and several weeks for further destinations. We trust in your understanding, that if an item is sold out it may come to a delay in delivery.

How do you change the lens/lenses? (please see also our videos via YouTube)

You will find further information on our YouTube-Channel.

What do the subdivisions into the categories mean?

Subdivision into the categories

Glasses are divided into five different grades of transmission (grades of light transmission).
This division is not related to UV-protection. All our sports glasses - even the clear ones - offer
100% UVA, UVB and UVC protection.

category 0:
for night use (clear lens/es)

category 1 and 2:
for light and medium solar radiation (orange, yellow)

category 3:
for strong solar radiation (smoke, brown)

category 4:
Is used in case of very strong solar radiation (e.g. on a glacier) and thus is not suitable for driving.
At the moment Swisseye does not offer sport glasses with this category.